Resonant Field Exciter – RFE

Resonant Field Exciter™

The newly patented RFE™ technology independently controls the rotor field producing a highly efficient variable speed and/or high speed brushless motor system. The RFE with its low EMI footprint and independent rotor control eliminates power quality issues all without using magnets or inverters.

Our RFE™ technology will efficiently and effectively solve your motor system problems and/or improve your products. Contact us now to learn more.


Benefits of Resonant Field Exciter (RFE)

  • US Patent
  • International Patent Protection
  • The RFE is an improved alternative to today’s electric motor systems
  • Little or No EMI
  • No Magnets or Inverters
  • Highly Efficient
  • Wireless Power Transfer Independently Controls the Rotor field allowing variable speed & torque
  • Provides a cost effective High Speed Brushless System alternative to present inverter/ magnet based systems.


Variable Speed with the RFE™