High Speed Brushless Universal Motor System

High Speed Brushless Universal Motor System

High speed universal motors are migrating to permanent magnet motor systems. Problems inherent with this migration include cost, complexity and power quality. The RFE™ eliminates these problems by simply avoiding them. No magnets mean no inverter required thus lowering cost and eliminating most power qualities issues.

Our RFE™ technology will provide a lower cost and more reliable alternative for your high speed motor system with a quick time to market. Contact us now to learn more.


Benefits of the RFE™ System for High Speed Brushless Applications

  • No Magnets
  • No Inverters
  • Lower Cost
  • Little or no EMI
  • Allows higher speeds up to 100,000 rpms
  • Smaller system footprint and less weight
  • More reliable
  • Quick turnaround for your customized prototype