How the Resonant Field Exciter uses the Motor Rotor  to Eliminate the Cost and Inefficiency of a PFC and Inverter in Variable Speed Motor Systems.


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As a result of market forces and government legislation, OEM's that currently use single speed, single phase induction motors are incorporating electronic controls to provide variable speed motor control and increase overall system effeciency.




Texas Instruments "Instaspin"


Infineon "Induction Motor Control"

The patent pending Resonant Field Excitor uses the existing components of a wound field motor to perform the functions of the PFC and inverter, eliminating the switching loses, component count, EMI, reliability issues, development time and production costs associated with the separate PFC and inverter without sacrificing performance.



As a result. the Resonant Field Exciter fed Wound Field Motor is inherently more efficient, more reliable and lower cost than PFC/ inverter motor systems.





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